Our remit is simple, to contribute to your business success.

Principal Writer

Tegan Roberts is a professional writer with considerable talent for wordsmithing which she has successfully applied throughout her diverse, challenging and well respected career.

Her innate creative abilities have been demonstrated in the conception and application of award winning training models, innovative business solutions and achievement of 1.6 million dollars in contested grants. Tegan offers strategic business development advice, garnered from real life experience in high level leadership and managerial roles in the private commercial sector, federal and government sector and not-for-profit community services sector.

Tegan has provided words for a prime minister, ministers, government officials, managing directors and chief executive officers and crafted thousands of words. Many such words, have found their way into parliamentary responses, briefing papers, strategic business plans, speeches and presentations, reports, grant funding submissions, academic research, marketing campaigns, print media articles and blogs.

Tegan will identify the ‘voice’ of  your business or organisation and set it apart from the choir of the many.

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