A dragon awake

The dragon is no longer sleeping.

It is awake and scorching everything in its path. In this era of disruptive technologies, taming the dragon is no longer an option, and you’ll need more than a metal shirt, to do it well.

Choosing the platform that is right for your business based on the simple business equation of return on investment (ROI) is more complex than ever before.

Once a newspaper advertisement, a little soft shoe shuffle of editorial to create a poorly disguised advertorial, a flyer inserted in the local paper or the amateur version taped illegally to a power pole was all it took to advertise your wares. Then came the cleverly constructed radio or television ad (and they are few and far between) or perhaps a cinema short for those better heeled, or for those less so; an air dancer or placarded desperado in a clown costume on the verge might have been the cheap novelty alternative.

Enter disruptive technologies…full frontal into your daily life! If you are not connected, then you are a social pariah. If you think it doesn’t matter you are still comatosed from 1990’s synthesized elevator mus-zac.

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, Linkedin etc…. are essential or are they?

The Generations (X, Y and M) have seamlessly adjusted to the new dawn. They are switched on, signed up and syncopated.

But what about all of those who have declared to stay off the grid? Those that reluctantly have a smart phone, desperately looking for a ‘smart’ user to go with it?

Enter the social media manager…and if you’re wise, choose one that has strategic business credibility, creates unique copy, is a whiz at marketing and is willing to drag you gently into the 21st century…

If you don’t think you need one of these ..Ask yourself this question.

Am I prepared to write creative copy, post it online, review comments, manage relationships, blog speak, create advertisements, shoot, edit and upload video grabs, soundtrack it and after that, repeat the process, if not daily at least three times a week at least?

No?……better find yourself one then…. or learn how to….just You Tube it?

Right?  Oh, you have a life already full of commitments…..Bummer!

Just ask me, I promise I’ll be patient with you….

Author: warriorbynature

Creative spirit, warrior and humanitarian.

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